body treatments

Create Your Own Bliss

As you browse through our services, keep in mind that any of our services can be combined to allow you to customize and, "Create Your Own Bliss!"

rescue me!

Calling all exfoliating addicts. Fall head over heals in scrub with our seriously softening fruit and 'flora'-flavored body smoothing treatments (each finishes off with a similarly-scented skin-saturating body butter rubdown). $110

massage envy

Relax and enjoy a full hour head to toe rub down with warm towels, hot stones, and finally a body mist. $95

detoxifying/ultra hydrating body wrap

This sea-mud based treatment begins with a full body brushing and then a warm highly active hydrating and moisturizing gel and then wrap for 30 minutes during which you relax with a head, neck, and hot massage. You are then unwrapped, showered, and dried with toasty warm towels. Finally, you receive a gentle massage using a moisturing hydration cream. $150

look better naked

A brisk head-to-toe scrub with seriously softening treatment followed by a gentle buffing with warm towels. A hot stone envy melts away tension and increases circulation creating a relaxing experience. The grand finale is to soothe the body with fragranced oils and lotions. $110

the quiet time

body salts...exfoliating massage...shower...detoxify...steam... remineralize...body oil rub down! Anything less would be our guest for lunch. $200