Create Your Own Bliss

As you browse through our services, keep in mind that any of our services can be combined to allow you to customize and, "Create Your Own Bliss!"

massage add-ons
add some extra relief to your rub...


some serious scalp and head massaging to give you goose bumps from head to toe. $20

smell good

our aromatherapy essential oil blends target whatever bumps you off balance, invades your equilibrium, or bugs your body. $10

breathe easy

a blend of pine, rosemary, and eucalyptus essential oils to relieve your sniffles. $10

high heels

tendon-softening reflexology and some extra toe curling massage. $20

thigh high

a radical anti-cellulite treatment to target those 'less than baby cute' dimples. $30

pain in the neck

This 30-minute targeted session incorporates some serious kneading, rubbing, and stretching to get the boulders out of your shoulders and make you mush 'from the tush' up. $65

blue 85

Sixty minutes of a virtual countdown to 'butter', this full body combination of Swedish and Shiatsu techniques is designed to loosen you up and target your most 'troubled' muscles. For relaxation, improved circulation, and stress and fatigue reduction. $85

blue 110

The blue75, but extended by 30 more mind-bogglingly massaged minutes. $110

baby blue

For the mom-to-be. This full body massage is the blue65, but designed with mom's special needs in mind. Be it a lousy lower back, knotted-up neck, or ankles the size of thighs, this massage is sure to cure her baby 'blues'. $95

the deep tissue treatment (aka 'sports massage')

This super penetrating deep-tissue massage combines various techniques for an ultra therapeutic effect. your tensions will ease, your knots will uncurl and your joints will rejoice. $95

the bluestone

Toasty stones and soothing strokes relax locked up ligaments, distressed deltoids, and tight tendons. This full body massage targets your troubles from tip to toe, rendering you a blissed out pile of mush. Warning-you might be too relaxed to leave! $100

blue x 2 for a duo

A must for anniversaries, valentines, etc. $175

massage envy

Relax and enjoy a full hour head to toe rub down with warm towels, hot stones, and finally a body mist. $95