spa etiquette


an abbreviated guide to spa etiquette

What do I wear?

The robe and slippers we provide are appropriate spa attire. Simply change, slip your locker key in your robe pocket, and saunter over to wait in the retreat area. If you decide to use your robe pockets as ring, watch, or necklace storage, please remember to empty them when you get dressed post pampering.

What do I wear under the robe?

Whatever you want. While most guest wear 'nothing', we've seen some people in the retreat still sporting their socks, some with undershirts, and others who can't yet seem to abandon their pants. Remember: You are not at the spa to worry about this.

Should I wear underwear during a massage?

Whatever makes you comfortable. You will be draped with sheets or towels at all times, but what is most important is your comfort. If you're shy, you can wear a full body scuba suit. We wouldn't recommend it (those things get hot), but it's really up to you.

Do I have to chat with my massage therapist?

Not for one second. Your massage therapist is a massage therapist, not a speech therapist. If you feel like chatting, go ahead. If you don't, mention that you 'really would hate to miss any part of the massage by engaging in idle chatter', lie down, and zone out!

Getting a facial?

We recommend consulting with your esthetician before you begin your treatment, to discuss your options, new offerings, and what might best benefit you. Please let her know if you prefer more massage, if you want your pores thoroughly purged, or if you really crave a combination. It's easier for us to meet your needs if you tell us what you want from the 'get-go'.

No reckless abandoning occurs here...

Your technician may leave your treatment room for a few moments (once or twice during your treatment) either to mix up a mask or to let you relax. If you get claustrophobic or nervous when nobody's around, speak up, so he or she can make the out-of-room mask mixing quick.

What do I do with my cellular telephone during my treatments?

At spablue we do realize that cellular telephones are a necessity, but all cellular telephones must be be turned off or silenced while in the spa area.

Children in the spa...

Although we love and adore 'future spa-goers', we cannot allow children in the reception or spa area due to liability requirements.

Can I bring a friend to share the bliss with me?

We love to spread our bliss to others; however, only our guests receiving treatments are invited in to the spa area and treatment rooms. But if you want to grab a friend or two and 'go spa'n' together, then we say the more the merrier. PLEASE NOTE: spablue gift cards are not applicable to private parties. Also, a 20% spa fee will be charged for all private parties.

I love the robe and slippers...

These items are simply 'on-loan' to you during your visit to our spa. We do offer our signature blue robes and slippers (brand spanking new) in our Spa Shop. Please return your robe and your slippers when you are finished with them. We thank you for not thinking that we have somehow included them in the price of your treatments.

Should I tip? What's normal?

Leaving gratuities for work well done seems to be the norm, but of course is optional. Most tips range from 10%-20% of the price of the service provided.

All good things must come to an end..

Please note that your spablue certificate does have an expiration date. Unfortunately, we are not able to extend any gift card beyond the date specified on the certificate.

Do I need to make an appointment for spa services?

Yes, we request that you call at least two weeks in advance to schedule spa services, as advance planning ensures the most convenient appointment.

Securing your reservation at spablue...

Our time is our trade. As is custom in the spa industry, we require a valid credit card number to reserve any spa appointment. However, if you are one of the fortunate souls who received a spablue gift card, then you can reserve your appointment with the gift card number. So please have your credit card number or gift card number available for the reservationist at the time of booking.